Sunday, January 25, 2009

Math 1050

So we found out a couple days ago that the math department at UVU is once again trying to ruin Dalt's college dream. Dalt's mom Debbie was checking online to make sure that her payment for his class went through when she noticed that she had one credit that was paid for but hadnt been used...She thought that was wierd so she called UVU and found out that they had dropped his Math 1050 class right out from under him! He was still going to the class and didn't even know that it had been dropped! Debbie had a yelling match with several different people from the math department for about 2 hours. She found out that Dalt's ACT score for math had expired! I didn't even know that was possible! So they just dropped his class without even telling him and he would have to take a test to get back in to the class. Debbie finally talked to the Chair of the Math Department and she said that because of "policy" Dalt couldn't take the class. But Debbie told her that it wasn't his fault his score expired and how if Dalt wasn't so strong willed he would have just given up. Then she went on to ask the lady "What about the not so strong willed kids? Do you want them to not graduate? Is it your goal to keep as many kids as possible from graduating?" So eventually the lady gave Debbie her email address and home phone number and said if he doesnt pass the test with a high enough score just call and let me know. Go Debbie! So Dalt has to go in and take the test tomorrow but it's supposed to be really easy so i'm sure he'll pass it. It's just dumb.

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