Sunday, February 22, 2009

Valentines Day- 2 Years Together

Valentines Day this year was so amazing. Dalton and I have now been together over two years. I's so crazy! So much has happened in two years. So he came over and picked me up around 7 o clock. He looked so handsome. He surprised me and took me to Goodwood for dinner. When we pulled up outside the restraunt, He pulled out a bag from Argentos jewelry store in the mall. There were two little boxes in it, and inside the first box I pulled out was the most gorgeous ring. The next box I pulled out had a necklace with a beautiful pendant on it. They were so pretty! He spoils me way to much. So he helped me put on my necklace then we went in. The food was so good. Dalt got a steak and I got chicken strips. Everything we had there was really good. then after we got done there, we went back to my house, I gave Dalt his gifts and we watched a movie. We watched Nights in Rodanthe. It was very good. Valentines Day was so amazing and I had such a great time. Thanks Dalt!

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  1. your so lucky. dont let him go. good guys are hard to find now days. take my word for it. love you