Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ok so after we went and saw the petroglyphs, we went across the street and there were some deer in this field. They were right by an orchard. So there were 2 big bucks right next to each other! so we stopped and took some cool pictures. Well out where we were there are a bunch of orchards right next to each other. When the pilgrams first settled there they all wanted to have fruit. So they all planted fruit trees. So each orchard belongs to a different family but every family wanted different kinds of fruit. So they planted lots of different kinds of fruit trees in the same orchard. With all of these orchards being next to each other, there are over 3000 trees! Since these orchards are in a national park, no one can hunt there. So the deer stay in these orchards all year round and they are protected! So these deer will probably live to be old and die of natural causes! That is so cool to know that there is somewhere where deer can live like this. So these deer see people alot because there are always taking care of the trees. They are practically tame. People don't scare them at all! Well after we saw the deer we decided to drive around and see the rest of the orchards. so we drove all the way around and got to the back. When we got opposite of where we saw the deer we saw them again and they had come around to the back! So we stopped the car and sat for a while and just watched them. They just kept coming! There were about 30 of them and they almost came right to us! There was a 3 foot fence around the orchards and we were on one side and they were on the other side only about 10-20 feet away from us! It was so fun to watch. We got out of our car and stood next to the fence and they didn't even care! There were tiny babies that were only the size of dogs! They were still fuzzy and they were so cute! There were deer of every size. Then we saw the bucks. There were 3 of them as well as a couple little spikes. We stayed there for another hour. It was so amazing to watch them and be that close. We watched them cross the road and we even got to see a couople of them jump the fence! We had so much fun. Once they all got to the other side of the road we finally had to leave because it was getting dark. But it was one of the coolest things I have ever seen. I wish everyone could see that once in their life. It was awesome.

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