Saturday, January 17, 2009

Back in December I asked Dalton to Preference. We went with Stacy and Sean, and Dallin and MaKell. We went to Clark's Planetarium in Salt Lake at the Gateway and saw a 3-D movie called Santa VS. The Snowman. It was so funny. It was like for little kids but we just laughed and made fun of it the whole time. After that we just hung out and played with all of the cool stuff in the gift shop. It was so much fun. We went to eat at the eatery at Subway then we headed home. Me and MaKell had hair appointments at four o clock. Then we went home and got ready for the dance. My brothers girlfriend Shayla helped me do my makeup and then we went and got the boys. Dalton was so handsome! He looks so good in red. My mom always has a photo shoot with us before we are allowed to leave so we did that with all the guys and then we headed off. We went to Olive Garden and the servers were so nice to us because they knew we were going to a dance. The food was great! After that we headed over to the dance! It was way fun. We were just dancing in our little circle and mingling a little bit but i thought that the decorations looked really good at this one. We stayed at the dance for around 3 hours! That is the longest that I have ever stayed at a dance haha. We had so much fun though. After the dance we went and took the boys to their houses to change then we went back to my house and played some games. We played "Would You Rather" and "Imaginiff." The games were so much fun and we all laughed so hard. My mom, who is the coolest mom in the world, came and played with us for a little while and it was so awesome. So after that at about 1 in the morning we finally took the boys home. It was such a fun dance.

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